Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sweatin' Like a Dixie Cup

The past few days in SoCal have actually been a bit cool (at least in the mornings), and the temperature change has really highlighted the fact that our house has the insulation of a dixie cup. Now I have nothing against dixie cups for my diet coke, but living inside a dixie cup is another matter.

In the summer we sweat like pigs served up in a dixie cup, and in the winter we freeze like otter pups served up in a dixie cup; DDW's mother even plans her trips to coincide with the weather to minimize the dixie cup factor. I even had to put DDW baby in a snowsuit just because the temperature dipped below 95 degrees!

However, a dixie cup is my favorite container for Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla. Uummmmmmmmmmm, that is one fine drink. Lots of ice, filled to the top, just the right size to hold one cap of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla. Yowwzzzers! I might be sweatin' like a dixie cup, but at least my cup is full of my fav drink.

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