Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Another key ingredient to any diet drink is Ice. I prefer to fill the cup almost completely with ice and then add in my diet drink. I think the amount of ice really adds to the taste of any diet drink. As the ice melts, you get the perfect blend of diet drink and water. Even if your drink is already cold (either from the fountain or the fridge), your drink will still benefit from ice-cold ice. While I love ice (and lots of it), it has been the subject of much controversy at the DDW home.

First, after I am done with my diet drink, there is always some ice left in the bottom of the cup. The leftover ice is also covered in a bit of whatever diet drink I was enjoying. I am guilty of leaving this ice-filled cup around the house. I think it stems from a hope that later, when all the ice melts, there might just be one more sip of delectable diet drink, but this is not the case. The only thinn left in the cup is just the ice water with a teeeeeny bit of diet. So where is the problem you might ask? DDW Husband cannot stand this! He even accuses me of leaving enough diet in my drink that I could still drink it, but as you and I know it is just ice water. This truly drives him crazy, so he dumps any drink he sees sitting around the house. Again you might ask, "What is the problem with that DDW?" Well, DDW Husband does not check the drink before he dumps it out. He has (more than once) dumped out a drink that I literally just made; it almost brought tears to my eyes to see the fresh ice cubes covered in Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla rolling around the bottom of the sink. That brings us to the second controversy in DDW home.

For some reason, no one (including DDW) wants to fill the ice cube trays. I would love to lay this blame completely at DDW Husband's feet, but I am guilty too. Even when you think the ice cube tray on the bottom will surely have ice in it, you are wrong. Here is the scene: I have my diet can in my hand; I have a cup ready on the counter; I open the freezer see the top tray is empty and pull back the tray with longing. It is at this moment that I realize the second tray is empty as well. FOR THE LOVE WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FILL THE ICE CUBE TRAYS!!!

Is there a ten-second rule for ice rolling around the bottom of the sink?


Jill said...

This is from DDW's mother and I agree that Ice is critical to a well developed drink. However, if left unattended and it begins to melt, said drink looses quality. Lesson-pay prompt attention to your drink. Developmentally that means the drink can self-actualize! Jill

Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

"Pellet ice" is the key to ANY drink, but especially the DD's. Maybe if you had "pellet ice" DDW Husband would NOT throw out your drink. Tell him "hands off" if it's not his drink! Love ya!