Friday, September 7, 2007

12-Hour Diet Drink Fast

Diet Drink World had to go on a 12-hour fast for some blood work. I figured that if I did most of the fasting during the middle of the night that it would not hurt so much. I was wrong. I started my fast with a can of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla ("DDPCV") (this is my current diet obsession for the minute), and more than 12 hours later I was ready for another drink. I was desperate for some diet the minute they took my blood, so I rewarded myself with a ginormous fountain Diet Coke ("DC") the minute I left the lab. I haven't found a place that has DDPCV on tap so I had to settle for DC.

Diet drink world baby took a short but needed nap this afternoon, thus allowing me to make this historic post.

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