Saturday, September 22, 2007

RR: Chipotle

DDW, DDW baby and DDW husband all went to Chipotle today; it has been almost a year since we last went to Chipotle (we got a bit sick of it). Anywhoo, let's get to what matters -- the diet drinks!

Drinks: Coke products. Also of note, their soda bar has two Coke dispensers and two Diet Coke dispensers on opposite sides of the bar. This allows for two people to fill their Diet Cokes at the same time.

Lime: None

Ice: They have the flat, half-moon, half-smile shaped ice.

Cups: The large cup comes in very-nicely at 32 ounces; it is a standard paper-coated cup.

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Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

DDW: I see a bit of a pattern being established with the "real" restaurants, i.e. La Salsa, Baja Fresh, & now Chipotle, what 'bout PF Chang from the other night? Throw in a little other kind of ethnicity, huh? :-)