Monday, September 10, 2007

DDW & Costco

Today, DDW went to Costco to stock up on diapers, frozen food, and various giant-sized products I never dreamed I would need. Costco is a daunting experience when you have the DDW baby in tow. I made the tactical decision that DDW baby would have to sit in the cart instead of shopping in his car seat. He is almost too big for the car seat; the last time I was at Costco with DDW baby I actually ran into someone with the cart because I couldn't see over his car seat. It turns out DDW baby loves the shopping cart! He got to chew on my shopping list while holding a 5-pack of Tide Pens. Overall a great experience, but here is my 2-pack beef with Costco: SMALL DRINKS!

How is it that a store known as a "big box store" that specializes in giant-sized products has the smallest fountain drinks? I shared this concern with DDW's sister-in-law, and she informed me that if you asked for a large drink you could get one. I will admit that I didn't have time to get a drink after the cart was full of my giant items, but if they have large drinks why wouldn't they advertise them? Even more importantly, they do not have large-sized lids at the fountain area (only small lids), so I am not sure the Costco by me actually has large fountain drinks. I have to give Sam's Club the edge on this one as they have much larger fountain drinks available.

Big Store. Small Drinks. Bummer

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Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

the large lids will come with the large drink cup you ask for when you place your order, even if it's just for the large drink!