Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm BaaaaAaaack!

Hello Ladies!

Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I have a good excuse. Umm, ok I don't, but I have felt really busy. However, I do have several reasons why I dropped off the grid:

1. DDW baby is now 14 months old and that is keeping me really busy. He has a hard time when I use any piece of tech (cell phone, computer, etc.) that he isn't allowed to use. Also, the only time I can do ANYTHING (it seems) is during his nap time. ANYTHING includes but is not limited to: cooking, cleaning, talking with friends and family, paying bills, organizing my crap, blah blah blah. That is a lot to squeeze into nap time.

2. DDW husband is totally against me posting any pictures of DDW baby. This really takes away the fun of the whole blog thing - especially for the mommy world. The whole point of blogging is so that I can prove - with photographic evidence - just how cute my baby is. I mean really, how else will I know that I am better than all of the other mom's out their blogging. ;) Ok, I know all of you have cute kids too, but it really is a bummer to not be able to post pics. I absolutely get DDWH's thinking on this one, but it is a bummer.

3. I have started teaching a class at a junior college where I live. Any time that I had during nap time, is now totally gone.

4. I may have watched too much Fox News, MTV, TLC, and other random cable channels. oops.

So there you have it; that's where I have been.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD

So it’s raining in SoCal, and by raining I mean snowing, raining, raining cats and dogs and cpk pizzas. People it is raining here. And that means only one thing:


You heard me right, LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD. This is the “thing” the local ABC station (channel 7) uses to tell the weather. The weather man, Danny Romero, must have said LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD about a zillion times in 2 minutes. It seemed as though he was getting paid per mention of the LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD. This instantly reminded of the classic George Clooney vehicle, Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Wherein, halfway through the movie the producers ran out of money and had to take on sponsors, one of which happened to be HONDA MOTORSCOOTERS. Clooney and crew mentioned HONDA MOTORSCOOTERS about a zillion times as well, and I still don’t think they mentioned Honda as much as Danny Romero said LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD.

Apparently this “thing” (I just can’t bring myself to say it again) is so powerful that it can actually predict the weather! It works just like a satellite and a Doppler radar system, but it is SO MUCH BETTER. Does NASA know about this, Stephen Hawking, AL Gore? I am pretty sure that if anything could *spot* global warming it would the LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD.

Now, DDW’s mom doesn’t think posts like this are related to diet drinks, but they are and I can prove it. I know many of you don’t live in LA and don’t have the privilege to hear Danny Romero say, “LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD.” So this one’s for you mom:

Step One: drink your favorite diet.
Step Two: empty the cup.
Step Three: place the cup around your mouth, but leave a small opening on one side of your mouth.
Step Four: using your lowest and loudest voice possible say. “LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD!”

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

DDW had a busy holiday. We spent Christmas with DDW's Nana ( my mom) and New Year's back at our home. If you had any doubts as to DDW's true dedication to diet drinks, let me put your mind at rest.

On Christmas day we took DDW's Grandma to Mass, and then......

WE WENT TO 7-11!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right nothing says Merry Christmas like 7-11. I got drinks for everyone and the 7-11 even had flavor shots. Diet Coke with a shot of vanilla - MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO! My mom was a bit horrified by the drink trip after Mass, but once she tasted her diet she agreed that it was totally worth it. The Double Big Gulps really helped the present-opening process go smoothly.

For New Year's Eve, I enjoyed about 5 Vanilla Coke Zeroes. Coke Zero really does taste more like regular Coke; I love the diet flavor, but it is not as close to regular Coke as Coke Zero.

I hope everyone in the DDW family has a great New Year!