Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Mini Fridge

Are you totally dedicated to your diet drink? If you have a mini fridge in your office (especially if the mini fridge is against office code), then you are a true diet drinker. Both DDW husband and DDW BFF have mini fridges in their offices. Most people would think you would need a mini fridge because your office doesn't have a fridge or to save money on the outrageous vending machine/snack shop prices; however, the true diet drinker knows that the mini fridge really all about security.

A true diet drinker will want to safeguard their diet drink from any office scavengers at all times (This is especially true if you are drinking something exotic and/or not sold in your office vending machine). Every office has a communal fridge, but you don't have to be Stephen Hawking to find the Black Hole in your department. Stuff goes in but it never comes out, and if the diet actually makes it out of the fridge it probably smells like Old Mother Hubbard's tuna fish sandwich (and no Lime can compensate for that). The only other problem you might encounter is Old Mother Hubbard raiding your mini fridge when you aren't there (next month we will discuss jujitsu).

Office + Exotic Diet Drink - Old Mother Hubbard = Mini Fridge

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DDW Husband said...

Probably a faux pas to have Old Mother Hubbard and "smelly tuna fish" in the same sentence. What if she was a fan of Red Snapper?