Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diet Drink Baby Gear

True diet drinkers know how important it is to influence the younger generations. If you are a real fan of diet drinks or know someone who is, then I have a great idea for a Christmas present: baby gear!

DDW baby has his very own diet coke burp cloths. I found some awesome flannel fabric with the official diet coke image, and I sewed it onto a cloth diaper for a very cool burpie. I have just enough fabric to make a few more. If you would like one, email me at, and I will let you know the price.

A diet drink burpie is the ultimate way to show your commitment to your fav diet drink. What do you get the baby who has everything?

New Look

Do ya like the new template? I will try it out for a bit and see how it goes. Leave your comments here.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


DDW is feeling a bit blue lately. I have been out of town twice this month. While both trips were really great and tons of fun, I was pretty tired after both trips. On top of all the travel, I got a bad cold that made my asthma bad for a week. It was so bad that I had to opt out of the gym for a while.

My mom is out of town on another world trip. I think this is great for her, but it is a bit weird. I know that I wouldn't see her over the holiday (so it shouldn't bother me), but it is still odd to me that she is completely unreachable for 3 weeks. My dad passed away almost 4 years ago and I am usually fine with that, but the past few weeks I have been feeling it a bit more than usual. It might just be that my son is crawling and laughing and doing all of these fun things that I know my dad would love to see and be around -- but he's not here to see it. My family isn't the same since he died, but that is fine. It is just a change. My mom and my little family are getting to know this new world and things have really started to be fun again with DDW baby here.

So I will banish the blues, get back on my diet saddle, and embrace my diet drink. Lately, I am in love with good ol' diet coke in the plastic 1 liter bottles. YUM.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Coke Rewards

If you drink diet coke products, like we do here at DDW, you should be registered with My Coke Rewards. I think this is a fun idea, and I am sure that in the end I will get something fun with my plethora of points, but I have a few problems with the system.

1. Number of Points - a fridge pack only gets you 10 points and that is really small given -
2. Stuff is 'spensive - it seems the only thing you can get with a small amount of points are magazine subscriptions or -
3. Points for Contest Entries - this is so lame. Come on, why don't I just enter the lottery; since when does it cost money to enter a contest? In my opinion the points approximate money b/c they are used to buy goods. They need to have more options for small point holders and not just magazine subscriptions, coupons or contest entries. The whole thing is called My Coke Rewards not My Coke Contest Entries.

Given all of this, I am still entering my points. Maybe next year I can finally get something!

Costco - Part 2

I just returned from a trip to costco to stock-up on huggies. I started my shopping trip the same way I start every shopping trip - with a purchase of a fountain diet coke. My sister-in-law assured me that costco has large cups. Unfortunately for me, the costco I go to only has the small cups you get with a hot dog. When I confidently asked for the large-size cup, the hair-net wearing apron-lady looked at me like I was crazy and slurred out, "we only have on size cup here." Okay. it is official: store with world's largest products has world's smallest drinks.