Sunday, September 9, 2007

Diet Drinks & Church

So here at Diet Drink World, Sunday is basically just a day for church and it got me to thinking. Is there anywhere that you can't take a diet coke or other diet drink? Hmm, after much thought I have come up with a few places that you should not take a diet drink --- please!

1. Church. Although, I did once hear of a girl brining a giant diet drink to her Sunday service meeting, but this was summarily dismissed as low class. There is just something about the sound of wrlop on a straw that does NOT say reverence and devotion; there is also something about the sweat from giant said soda slipping and dripping onto the hymnal that does not produce a hormonius sound.

2. Funeral. See above (unless your great grandma Braithwaite loved diet drinks as much as diet drink world, but the rest of your family may not share your shared devotion, and your display of devotion might jeopardize your share of great grandma Braithwaite's diet drink collection, so best to leave the diet in the car).

3. Wedding. See 1 & 2. However, a diet drink is totally appropriate for the reception just not the ceremony itself. Unless, of course, the ceremony is performed at Dodger Stadium during halftime.

Thoughts or your own faux pas to share - then leave a comment!


Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

I would like to add 1 other place, the doctor's office. Basically, any place where a cell phone is inappropriate, so would be a DD.

Diet Drink World said...

Unless you have to wait over an hour for your doctor, then I think you should totally bust out the 2-liter!