Saturday, September 8, 2007

DDW & Football

DDW is off to a football game. In order to prepare myself for today's festivities, I have already consumed two very large diet drinks. I plan to use the restroom at home one last time before we leave for the game. I also have cash in my pocket for the inevitable diet drink purchase at the game. There is just something great about a football game that requires sunglasses, a sweatshirt and a diet drink. You know you need a giant diet drink, sweat dripping down the side, super-tall It makes me a little nostalgic for a time I never had.

DDW baby is staying at Grandma's and Pompa's house for the game, and Grandma has quite the store of diet drinks. At any given point, her magic fridge in the garage has about 5 different types of diet drinks. DDW Grandma loves to send us home with diet drinks, so we love to come visit.

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Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

When DDW & DDW Baby come to Zona, I'll have LOTS of DD's for you to consume!