Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Letter to DDW Baby: 10 Months Old

This month you turned 10 months old; you are growing up my little peanut! This month you discovered the Kleenex box; it is soooo much fun to pull the Kleenex’s out! Every time you pull a Kleenex out, another one magically appears! Your love of Kleenex might be genetic because I always have to have some within reach; we will have to wait to see if you love diet coke as much as your mommy.

You are also really getting into your stuffed animals this month. I have caught you giggling and laughing at your stuffed mule, “Black Jack” (don’t tell your Grandma) and snuggling with your stuffed elephant. You thought I wasn’t there to see you since you were sitting in your playpen, but I was. You may love your stuffed animals, but I love your pack-n-play more (a mom has to go to the potty sometimes too)!

You have discovered FRANKIE (our not-so-friendly cat*). You think she is another stuffed animal for you to play with and chase around the house. You love to grab her fur and pull as much hair out as you can. FRANKIE does not take to this very kindly and she hisses and takes a swipe at you.

However, DDW baby is very brave; he laughs in the face of a hissing, angry cat, and he just gets ready for another grab. FRANKIE tries to run away and DDW baby just follows her through the house. This chasing of the cat through the house has led to another important development:


You have been crawling for more than a month, but now you are really hitting your stride – literally. You take off with so much speed that it is hard for your mommy to keep up with you. When I have to grab you before you reach your destination (that inevitably includes something you shouldn’t grab – like cords or the cable to the TV) and bring you back to your starting point, you take off again and add a little giggle in just for good measure. You know I will just take off for you again, and this is the little game we play all day long, all day long, all day long. Well, you see to really enjoy it.

You have grown very attached to your mommy. Everyone has told me that separation anxiety starts around 9 to 10 months, and I think we are beginning to see it in our little home. I try to put you in your pack-n-play for a short period of time every day, so you can learn to play by yourself for a bit. You are able to entertain yourself, but you prefer if I am within crawling distance. If I have anything in my hands (computer, diet drink, mail, magazine, cloths, dishes, FRANKIE), you want to grab it, touch it, stuff it in your mouth, and just generally have it. I have had to start eating lunch standing up at the buffet table just to eat my food in peace. Whatever I am doing, you want to be doing. But that is ok, because I love you sooooooo much.

You are the cutest, sweetest, funniest baby I have ever had, and I smove you so much! Happy 10-months old!

*This is DDW Husband’s cat that DDW inherited when we got married. Shortly after getting married, I jokingly accused DDW Husband of loving his snowshoe kitty more than me. What was DDW Husband’s response to this loaded question, you ask? He stated flatly, “Well, I have known her longer.” Hmmmm.

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