Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DDW Baby & Kleenex

DDW baby discovered the Kleenex box today! He was pulling Kleenex after Kleenex out of the box with a mixture of amazement and amusement. DDW baby was cracking himself up the whole time; he really takes after me on this one, because I am the queen of being able to crack myself up. I decided not to stop him from demolishing the tissues because he was having so much fun.

However, when it comes to grabbing the straw out of my diet coke, I must stop him. He still wants the straw so badly that it just kills him to see me with a drink. Now, whenever I get a drink I always get a couple of extra straws: one for him to chew on and one to replace my straw when he rips the straw I am using out of my drink.

DDW family went to Costco tonight (much better to go at night than on a Saturday), and I got a diet coke. Costco has changed the cups for their drinks (but not to a larger size). The cups are Coke branded cups, but with a white background instead of a the usual red background, and the drink features the traditional coke bottle silhouette. So, what does this have to do with diet drinks? Nothing, but a true connoisseur would want to know.

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