Saturday, November 24, 2007


DDW is feeling a bit blue lately. I have been out of town twice this month. While both trips were really great and tons of fun, I was pretty tired after both trips. On top of all the travel, I got a bad cold that made my asthma bad for a week. It was so bad that I had to opt out of the gym for a while.

My mom is out of town on another world trip. I think this is great for her, but it is a bit weird. I know that I wouldn't see her over the holiday (so it shouldn't bother me), but it is still odd to me that she is completely unreachable for 3 weeks. My dad passed away almost 4 years ago and I am usually fine with that, but the past few weeks I have been feeling it a bit more than usual. It might just be that my son is crawling and laughing and doing all of these fun things that I know my dad would love to see and be around -- but he's not here to see it. My family isn't the same since he died, but that is fine. It is just a change. My mom and my little family are getting to know this new world and things have really started to be fun again with DDW baby here.

So I will banish the blues, get back on my diet saddle, and embrace my diet drink. Lately, I am in love with good ol' diet coke in the plastic 1 liter bottles. YUM.

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Michaun -Matt - Maylee said...

If it makes you feel any better I just got on the scale and I gained 4 pounds on 10 days of vacation! Is that even possible? I'll be drinking the diet soda right along with ya!