Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Coke Rewards

If you drink diet coke products, like we do here at DDW, you should be registered with My Coke Rewards. I think this is a fun idea, and I am sure that in the end I will get something fun with my plethora of points, but I have a few problems with the system.

1. Number of Points - a fridge pack only gets you 10 points and that is really small given -
2. Stuff is 'spensive - it seems the only thing you can get with a small amount of points are magazine subscriptions or -
3. Points for Contest Entries - this is so lame. Come on, why don't I just enter the lottery; since when does it cost money to enter a contest? In my opinion the points approximate money b/c they are used to buy goods. They need to have more options for small point holders and not just magazine subscriptions, coupons or contest entries. The whole thing is called My Coke Rewards not My Coke Contest Entries.

Given all of this, I am still entering my points. Maybe next year I can finally get something!


Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

I totally signed up for this not long ago. It's ALL coke products you can register. So, if DDW Hubby gets Powerade, save the lid and enter the code under the lid. It's great!

Karla.: said...

I am missing my DDW fix. . . it's been two weeks!