Sunday, October 28, 2007

SoCal Fires

Last week, my very best girl friend called me up to inform me she had been evacuated from San Diego because of the fires, and that she was on her way to my place. About an hour later, she called back and told me the roads were closed and she wouldn't be coming after all. I am happy to report that her house as well as the houses of the rest of her family are all fine.

However, when I got the call I immediately took stock of my emergency supplies (I also wanted to make sure I had enough stuff for her if she came). I ran to the fridge and realized that my fridge pack was a little low - especially if we had two diet drinkers in the house. So, I ran to the store and bought a fridge pack of Diet Coke w/Splenda and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla. I am proud to say that I also filled up the minivan with gas. The important lesson learned here is that no 72-hour kit is complete without some sort of diet drink. And remember, diet drinks only have a shelf-life of a few months, so rotation is key!


Karla.: said...

Nice to know you are prepared!

Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

Learned the "rotation" lesson the hard way! Thanks for telling me now. :-) Love Ya!