Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bold assertions

There is a phrase I learned in law school that I think of often: "Bold assertions, persuasively maintained." I guess the point was that even if you weren't right, or weren't sure, you should state your position boldly and try to persuade others to your position.

I did a cursory search on google for the phrase, but I couldn't find it. So I figured I should put it out to the world.

You're welcome! :)


Karla said...

I like it :)

Diet Drink World said...

I love you! Thanks for the baby announcement! So beautiful. I must send you something. I have thought about you a lot and said many prayers for you and your family. I am trying to come out to Utah for memorial day or maybe in July.

Mike Long said...

Thank you for posting on the "bold assertions" quote. I also heard it at some point during law school. I remember it as something like, "bold assertions persuasively maintained are the law." Anyway, I did a Google search, and this blog was the only relevant search result, at least on the first page. Thank you for helping us searchers out there!