Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

DDW had a busy holiday. We spent Christmas with DDW's Nana ( my mom) and New Year's back at our home. If you had any doubts as to DDW's true dedication to diet drinks, let me put your mind at rest.

On Christmas day we took DDW's Grandma to Mass, and then......

WE WENT TO 7-11!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right nothing says Merry Christmas like 7-11. I got drinks for everyone and the 7-11 even had flavor shots. Diet Coke with a shot of vanilla - MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO! My mom was a bit horrified by the drink trip after Mass, but once she tasted her diet she agreed that it was totally worth it. The Double Big Gulps really helped the present-opening process go smoothly.

For New Year's Eve, I enjoyed about 5 Vanilla Coke Zeroes. Coke Zero really does taste more like regular Coke; I love the diet flavor, but it is not as close to regular Coke as Coke Zero.

I hope everyone in the DDW family has a great New Year!

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